DHA of the Carolinas is an Independent Rep Group located in North and South Carolina

representing the following manufacturers

Carnegie is a creative organization dedicated to the development of interior textiles and wall finishes for the architectural and design community. Their research and design efforts focus on sustainable textile and wall solutions for the commercial building market. These materials must always offer a seamless combination of beauty, performance and sustainable manufacturing.

Carnegie has always been about achieving design excellence but being cognizant of the safety and environmental impact of their products. Carnegie designs and manufactures a broad range of innovative textile and wallcovering solutions for the global interiors marketplace. Maintaining a strong sustainable responsibility, all our products are PVC free and many are third party environmentally certified contributing to LEED points. With a diverse product line ranging from luxury to performance, Carnegie has a textile solution for any interior.

Based in Milan, WOOD-SKIN offers innovative products for architecture using digital manufacturing technologies. Established in 2013, the company is made up of architects, designers, and engineers who are passionate about materials, details, digital manufacturing, and software.

Carnegie is the exclusive North American distributor of WOOD-SKIN’s paneling products, which utilize a patented process that makes rigid surfaces flexible and flat surfaces three-dimensional.

As a certified B Corp, Carnegie is dedicated to responsible design and manufacturing practices that have a positive impact on the environment. As such, it was important to partner with a brand that was aligned with these key values.

The WOOD-SKIN brand is FSC®-certified, and only uses materials from forests where natural diversity is protected and preserved, and the rights of workers and local communities are respected. The company also employs a process that can be studied and tested prior to installation, only producing optimized elements with minimal waste of material, shipping volume, and time.

This Swiss based company has been designing, weaving, dyeing and finishing beautiful and ecologically intelligent textiles since 1886. Création Baumann is one of the premier designers and manufacturers of interior textiles in the world. Similar to Carnegie, Création Baumann uses the highest quality raw materials and their yarn and weaving innovations specialize in high performance materials that regulate light, reduce sound, and are easy to maintain.Sharing a common world view in our design approach, Carnegie partnered with Baumann to offer their beautiful, high-performance window and panel coverings to the U.S. commercial market in 1974. Carnegie remains Création Baumann’s exclusive partner for commercial products in the U.S. to this day.

Création Baumann is an independent family-run business focusing on long-term objectives. They treasure their independence and leverage it to create more value for their customers, partners and employees. They feel that their work is never fully accomplished—creating textiles inspirations means to continually evolve.  The Creation Baumann design studio in Langenthal, Switzerland, they compose and develop products that impress our customers with their visual quality, functionality, and hence their added value. In doing so, we leverage many years of experience, recognize fashion trends right from the start, and if possible, make your design wishes come true. 

Holoform is an interior architectural products brand of Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope (OBE), the leading supplier of value-added glazing-focused interior and exterior products and services. OBE designs, engineers, tests and manufactures curtain wall, storefronts and entrances, architectural glass, shower enclosures, glazing hardware, windows, railings and more.

As a brand of Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope, Holoform is backed by a network of manufacturing and distribution facilities across the U.S. and Canada. It includes 28 glass tempering and fabrication, two aluminum extrusion, three finishing, 20 fabrication, and 30 hardware distribution locations.

It means that we temper, fabricate and polish our own glass. We engineer, extrude, finish and fabricate aluminum extrusions. And we are a comprehensive hardware component supplier. We sole source all the components for our Realm system and HoloScript glass writable surfaces.

TUOHY offers a complete portfolio of products for all areas of the workplace. We are committed to bringing a high level of materiality and detail to staff level areas as well as the executive suite. We offer casework, seating and tables for reception, conference, admin, mid-and-executive management, as well as open plan areas. Our product offerings present a continuity of design spirit as well as a shared commonality of details and fine materials. From this palette designers can weave a singular design voice on behalf of their clients, demarking organizational and hierarchal boundaries according to the priorities and cultural philosophy of the client.

ASI offers superior product solutions for interior, exterior and digital signage. From our proven proprietary product assortment to our custom design and fabrication capabilities, ASI is focused on providing our healthcare, education, government, corporate, and hospitality clients with innovative products and services tailored to meet their exact needs today and in the future.

ASI’s goal is to be positioned in the mind of our customers as a trusted partner and our mission is to assist our clients express their brand identity and solve their wayfinding challenges thus effectively guiding their user groups through a positive experience in the built environment. We take a consultative approach to everything and strive to be true consultants. This means listening to our clients and understanding their needs and then providing them with product and service solutions using our many years of industry knowledge, wayfinding and identification design expertise.

Nathan Allan is the global leading manufacturer of kiln-formed, decorative cast glass products. Nathan Allan’s architectural glass offerings provide over 175 unique designs, with more than 1000 glass/colored/silvered/frosted combinations. With factories and offices located throughout North America, we use only the highest quality raw materials. These high quality materials, sourced in the USA, help us to create the most detailed and defined, architectural cast glass products for interior designers and architects throughout North America.

Nathan Allan Glass Studios strives for excellence, customer satisfaction and incredibly designed products. Our on time delivery schedule rankings are 95%+, with most orders delivered between 3-6 weeks. If a product is ordered incorrectly, we make every effort to provide replacement panels to our valuable clients within 3 weeks. Everything we create, is produced in North America, so you will never wait 3-6 months for materials, such as which often happens with offshore products. And when your exclusive glass products arrive, you can be confident they are produced accurately, with no defects, flaws, or white hazing on the glass, which is often visible on low quality offshore glass.

Using natural materials and the most efficient new technologies, we create beautiful products that last for generations. Nathan Allan strives to ensure that everything we create, demonstrates our reverence for this beautiful planet. This is why our factory, studio, and head office are constructed full of green technology and green features, including our intensive recycled glass program.

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